Birika Good Life Estates - Kajiado

We are again pleased to present to you another very affordable opportunit y ‘The B i r i ka Good L i fe Estates’ ; a peri - urban project located in the larger Nairobi Metropolitan in Kajiado, 2 kms from Olooloitikosh ( B i r i k a ) Town and about 18 Kms from Kiserian town on Kiserian - Isinya Road.

Besides being affordable, the Birika Good Life Estates has been care fully selected as a solution to the current challenges facing urban dwellers and it will offe r you a mix of opportunities that enables you to reside in a healthy environment, on a healthy lifestyle and carry out alter native and additional economic activities. These are very important lessons that Covid-19 has taught us.


i) Residential purposes

  1. (a) Spacious rural homesteads away from the city
  2. (b) Second home for family holidays/weekends getaways
  3. (c) Home offce-suitable for work f rom home space locations
  4. (d) Retirement homesteads.

ii) Agricultural (Commercial farm produce and Subsistence farming)

  1. (a) Horticultural farming- (water melons, avocados, mangoes, passions, paw paws, pomegranates, fresh beans, vegetables etc.)
  2. (b) Livestock farming-goats, dairy, poultry, rabbits and pig farming
  3. (c) Tree farming-area is famed with bamboo farming
  4. (d) Snail & mushroom farming
  5. (e) Spices and herbs farming for local and export markets

With subsistence farming, you can greatly improve your livelihood with health diets by growing crops for personal/family use and saving enormously on the kitchen budget.

iii) Investment:

  1. (a) Land banking - buy now and sell later
  2. (b) Land leasing meanly for agricultural activities
  3. (c) Trading in bailed grass – bail natural grass from your land and trade which is a lucrative business due high number of dairy farming in the neighbourhoods
  4. (d) School(s)
  5. (e) Sink borehole and supply water
  6. (f) Hospitality such as hotels, spaces hosting facilities for weddings gardens, team building, camp sites, biking, training and other recreation facilities
  7. (g) Village-style residential communities Proximity to your current work place and thriving urban centres and surroundings offers a good opportunity to develop a residence for immediate use, retirement home or homestead, income activity and faster growth in value.

Other Features and Attributes:

  1. (a) Safety in investing through the society
  2. (b) All-weather (graveled) road to or near the plot
  3. (c) Serenity, ambience and exclusive fresh environment
  4. (d) Has spectacular views of Ngong hills and Kisaju hills
  5. (e) Electr i c i ty available in the vicinity
  6. (f) The propert y is located about 20 minutes’ drive (18 k ms ) from Kiserian town
  7. (g) Delight weather, whether living there or building a holiday home.

The society appreciates the expression of interest by some investors and has offered early bird prices for investors who pay in full within 4 months as illustrated

Acreage/size of land Early bird prices: book and pay in full within 4 months by 30th October 2021 Book and Pay in full within 10 months: by 28th Feb 2022
LSK Housing Members LSK Sacco and advocates LSK Housing Members LSK Sacco and advocates
1/2 acre 2,200,000.00 2,250,000.00 2,376,000.00 2,426,000.00
1 acre 3,100,000.00 3,150,000.00 3,300,000.00 3,350,000.00
2 acres 6,200,000.00 6,250,000.00 6,600,000.00 6,650,000.00
5 acres 15,500,000.00 15,550,000.00 16,500,000.00 16,550,000.00
LSK Housing Ltd is proud initiative of LSK Sacco!